First look at Street Fighter 6: Smashing all buttons

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In this article I share some impressions from Street Fighter 6 and tell you my opinion on this soon to be released 2d fighting game. The game is part 6 in a series of games starting in 1987 developed by Capcom. I tried the free Demo version of the game that is currently available. The base game is supposed to cost 60€.

The general idea is to fight against AI or player controlled enemies using different attacks and blocking mechanisms.

Things I like

The demo lets you try 2 of 3 modes: Fighting Grounds, where you can fight against other players locally or against AI (you only have one character unlocked to play) and the World Tour, where you create your own character and need to complete quests to get stronger.

The graphics are pretty realistic and the game has a nice art-style for animations and character introduction screens. The music matches the style and has a catchy vibe to it, especially during the start of a battle in the “Fighting Grounds” mode.

If you play the Word Tour mode you’ll find a complex character editor with many possibilities to make your character look just like you want it to. The world tour mode is pretty cool as it offers an more or less open-world experience in the “Metro City” where you’re able to challenge strangers on the street, purchase new items and need to complete missions.

The tutorials are really detailed and introduce you to the basics of the game. This helped me a lot as I have never played a fighting game in this style before and still struggled to keep up. Another cool feature is the ability to change between classic and modern input mode where keybindings are set to single keys instead of the classic way of pressing combinations of arrow keys.

There is a story behind the game (at least in the world tour mode) and different fights are connected with cutscenes and quests. This rounds the game off well and makes the difference to a simple fighting game.

Things I don’t like

For a beginner there are way to many buttons to learn and remember if you’re just getting started and I often found myself just pressing keys, hoping to knock out my opponent. That being said I think if you invest some time into the game you can get good rather fast.

The movement in the open world felt a bit snappy and too fast. During important cutscenes the protagonist and the other characters talk normally but during for example conversations with other characters you just hear single word and need to read the dialogue box. Nothing major just a bit weird in my opinion.


Street Fighter 6 Demo: From my amateur perspective this game isn't really beginner friendly and you need some practice and determination to get good. If you're into 2d fighting games I guess this new title doesn't change the whole genre but it offers a better graphic, a different story, more / different features. GLPC: emk

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Feel free to leave your own opinion on the game or constructive criticism in the comments below this article.

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