Minimalist puzzles and dangerous dungeons: New Next Fest June demos

From June 19 to June 26 during the Next Fest many game developers present demo versions of soon to be released titles to the public. You can also watch many devs stream gameplay and give feedback and share ideas to them over the steam stream. Today we present you the 3 more demos we played and share some impressions and our opinion on them. Feel free to leave your favorite demo in the comments below the article and let us know what demo we should give a try next.

Project Aurora

Project Aurora is a space themed survival and adventure game in which you can explore the planet Aurora. Your means of travel to explore this huge map is a small rover that you control from a birdseye view through the rocky environment of Aurora. Aurora itself feels like a combination of Mars and Earth with a red and orange soil but some plants living there. From the dangerous looking fossils one might also come to the conclusion that there once have lived quite large animals there. Furthermore Aurora does not only has dangerous looking things but also possesses truly dangerous places such as green pulsating remnant of alien technology that can deplete the power of your rover. So be careful when exploring the unknown of Aurora. Moreover the game offers a great variety of construction elements such as mines which will then help you to build whole colonies and citys on the planet. All in all Aurora look like a really fun exploration game with a new approach to the player perspective.

Station to Station

Station to Station is a railway building simulator in which you need to connect separate buildings like wheat farms, mills and towns with a carefully thought out railway network. The game developers describe the game as a relaxing and minimalist experience which I can definitely agree on. With its combination of Voxel art like models and truly beautiful lighting with realistic shadows, the game offers not only a nice puzzle to solve but also a stunning view. With increasing difficulty from level to level the game introduces new buildings which need different resources and railway connection methods to work making it more challenging. The player also gets introduced into cards making you railways cheaper. Now even more than before a little bit of puzzle thinking is required before you use a card for a railway that it might not be worth it for. In conclusion Station to Station is a fun and diverting puzzle game for short breaks where you want to escape the stressful everyday life and challenge you brain a bit.


Uproar is a rogue-like dungeon crawler where you need to fight through procedurally generated worlds, looking for artifacts. The cool thing is that nearly everything around you can be used as a weapon.

the golem

In the beginning of each run you jump through a portal which takes you to a new level. Inside the dungeon or on the flying islands you have to defeat enemies like slimes, skeletons and minibosses to reach red portal that takes you further. Every five levels you’ll find a save space, the “Nowhere”. At the end of the run before the final portal you need to defeat a final boss. I was able to play one successful run through 5 levels and met the “Golem”, a huge monster constructed out of stones that tries to throw stones at you and jump on you. Quite a challenging boss fight but also a really cool one and it really showed of the possibilites of the game.

Once you’ve killed a certain amount of monsters you’re able to unlock perks that for instance improve your movement speed or critical hit chance. You also need to open chest to gain new weapons and avoid traps. Throughout the run you’ll collect money and matter. Money can be used at the shop while matter is currently unused as stated by one of the Support Team members on the Uproar discord server. Artifacts can be found scattered around the levels and improve your player stats. There are currently eleven of them.

What I really enjoyed about the game is the beautifully crafted intro cinematic sequence. The idea of everything being a weapon or throwable was really fun and it really adds diversity to the game as you can’t always play with the same weapon as melee weapons have a limited durability and ranged weapons can run out of ammunition.

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