GTA Online Madrazo Dispatch Services – Mission review

Madrazo Dispatch Services is a series of 6 missions that was added to GTA Online during the Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series update in 2018. Today we’ll present you these missions and rank them. We share some impressions with you and tell you if they are an effective way to make money.

DISCLAIMER: There will be some story spoilers in the mission summaries.

The missions are given to the players by Martin Madrazo, a powerful business man, that tasks the players to assassinate some targets in different locations all over the map. Most mission involve a driving part around 5km and only have one target to be eliminated.

1. Dispatch 6

The players each have to eliminate a police officer that was affiliated with Madrazo and is transported in an armored truck. The trucks are protected by police cruisers.

This mission was the easiest of all as you just have to drive towards the vehicle convoy, take out a weapon of your choice and make quick work of the targets.

2. Dispatch 3

The players have to eliminate a translator that has interacted with Madrazo in the past. The IAA is preparing to transport him with a armored plane from LSIA. After arriving there you can either stealthy eliminate the target or wait for them to enter the plane and use rocket launchers to deal with the plane. Another option would be to steal one of the two jets that are situated inside the hangar to take out the plane mid-air.

All in all a very cool mission as the way to get there is pretty fast and you don’t have to do much to complete the mission. In addition to that you can also practice your flying skills.

3. Dispatch 4

Madrazo tasks the players to eliminate one of his dealers that is meeting with a rival gang at the recycling plant in La Puerta. After arriving at the plant you’ll have to take out multiple enemies outside and some more inside, while making your way up towards the room with the target.

This mission offers a cool environment to actually use a shotgun as the rooms are pretty small. The only annoying part is the fact, that you most likely parked your car near the open stairs at the marked point on the map and you’ll have to walk the whole way back there, as the target is situated at the complete opposite side of the building. So maybe think about moving your cars to the front of the recycling plant.

4. Dispatch 1

The players are tasked to take out one of Madrazo’s friends as he’s afraid of them cooperating with the police. You’ll have to enter the Mission Row Police Station in the middle of Los Santos to find the target. After eliminating all the police officers inside and getting in the prison area, you’ll have to open a door to get to the target and escape either through the front door or with a helicopter on the roof of the station.

The mission’s end is pretty annoying as fleeing the station with a car can be quite hard because there’s lots of police waiting outside. Another problem we ran into when first playing this mission was to actually find the prison cell the target is held in.

5. Dispatch 2

Madrazo tasks the players to infiltrate the Merryweather headquarters on Elysian Island to take out an undercover FIB agent that wants to buy some records. You can get to the office where the meeting is taking place in stealth mode or shoot your way through the security guards. After eliminating the target you can either go out the same way you entered the building or make a spectacular escape with a helicopter. Either way you’ll have to fight security that was alarmed.

From our experience it’s pretty annoying to get to the office in stealth as the guards most of the time spot you when entering the building. Finding a simple entrance is also pretty hard. We would recommend either taking the boat on the right side of the building and traveling to the back or just swimming around to the nearest ladder on the left side.

6. Dispatch 5

Madrazo orders the players to take out 5 targets of a crew that is laying low between jobs. Multiple helicopters are provided to travel across and around the map. You have 7 minutes to eliminate the last 4 targets once you got the first one.

This mission was a pain in the a** to play solo because you don’t have much time and one of the targets is located on top of a building. Also if you’re not good at flying helicopters this isn’t the mission for you. I would recommend playing this with 2 or more players to actually have a chance a completing it or checking out the locations prior on the Fandom Wiki site.


As the missions only reward up to, and sometimes even less than, 20000$ we don’t recommend doing them as a way to grind money but more as a fun experience with friends.

Feel free to let us know your personal rating of these 6 mission in the comments below!

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