GTA 5 is an absolute mess – here is how to fix it!

In the past few weeks GTA 5 online had serious problems with hackers. Many of these join random lobbys and destroyed the fun for the few real players. Hackers are going as far as deleting player money and achievements. Some players even got permanently banned. In the last days thought Rockstar developers worked on their cheater ban system again and updated it so that joining an online lobby isn’t a safe way to lose your hard earned game achievements anymore. But even after that the GTA 5 servers are an absolute mess full of vicious hackers. If there was only a solution…

Host your own GTA 5 server!

In the following I will explain how you can set up a GTA 5 RageCoop server on your own windows PC to play with your friends instead of evil hackers. Furthermore, you can also install any mods you like without the fear of being banned by Rockstar as you are now your own boss.

Server installation

  • Download either the nightly build or the beta server version from the ragecoop website.
  • Extract the .zip file and drag the contents into a new folder. After that go into the newly created folder and simply execute the RageCoop.server file.
  • You can now add a firewall exclusion with Windows Defender for tcp/udp port 4499 which the server will use
  • If you have a public IPv4 address you can set up another firewall exclusion for your PC in your home router so that it will be accessible from anywhere
  • Alternative: download the free version of ngrok and run: “ngrok tcp 4499”. Please keep in mind that you need to run this every time you restart your server.

Client installation

  1. Download either the nightly build or the beta client version from the ragecoop website. Note that the server and client version should be the same.
    Download Script Hook V which is needed for the client side of the ragecoop server.
    Also download Script Hook V Net from github.
  2. Once you are done getting the needed files create a new folder inside your download directory (or anywhere else) and extract the files in there.
  3. For the RageCoop client side create a folder in your game directory called “scripts” and copy all the extracted files from “” inside.
    How to access game directory
    If you are on STEAM click on the GTA5 settings icon (located on the right of the game overwiev) , press “Manage” and “Browse local files”.
  4. For ScriptHookV take alle 3 files located inside the folder “bin” (dinput8.dll, NativeTrainer.asi and ScriptHookV.dll) and copy them inside your game directory. The game directory is the directory where the GTA5.exe file is located.
  5. For ScriptHookV Net copy the “scripthookvdotnet.asi”, “scripthoovdotnet2.dll” and “scripthoovdotnet3.dll” and paste them inside your GTA5 game directory.
  6. Execute the “RageCoop.Client.Installer.exe” file located in your scripts folder in the game directory. When the file explorer popup opens navigate to your GTA5.exe file in the game directory and select it. Once asked to install Zerotier server click on yes and ok once it successfully installed.

How to connect to a server?

Start GTA5 and choose the story mode. Once you are in the single player world press the F9 key on your keyboard. Navigate to the “connect to server” tab with the numpad (8 – 5 – 2) Now you can connect to your server by typing in your public IPv4 address (with the port: or the address ngrok gave you.

If you want to take your server to the next level I recommend downloading some mods. When searching for mods like additional cars look at websites like In the future we will probably write a tutorial on installing gta mods.

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