How to get better at Arena Breakout

Today we share some tips for you to improve your game experience in Arena Breakout, a new mobile extraction shooter. These tips are based on our play experience of around 20 hours.

Organize your storage asap

After every extract try sorting out magazines for weapons you don’t usually use. Keep in mind to unload the ammo if it’s good quality ammunition. Do keep a few weapons that don’t cost much to use in “naked runs”, basically a raid where you go into the raid with only one weapon and hopefully extract with full gear.

Check how much space a backpack takes up: Sometimes backpacks take up less space than they offer inside. This can be used to gain more storage slots.

Fold the stocks on your weapons! Some weapons, especially SMGs have foldable stocks that can be folded to decrease the storage usage of a weapon. Same goes for unloading magazines from guns. Some DMRs take up two rows of storage with and only one row without a magazine in them.

If you have too much healing items just use them in the health screen instead of paying for your health treatment like you would normally do.

You can purchase storage expansions: Check the Buy option at the contact “Evita”. She offers multiple trade options for expansions of all size and type. Just click on the “Fill” button to purchase all needed trade supplies from the market. Note that this means the price of an item is going to change over time.

Use the right gamemode

If you don’t want to risk loosing your gear on a solo run don’t do it. Try the cover ops gamemode that provides you with premade loadout to fight your way through a raid. You spawn disguised as a militant and don’t get shot at by other militants as long as you don’t enter a hotdrop or you engage in battle first. If you get real luck you can scavenge all the player loot lying around and extra with a fat stack of new items.

To summarize: Dress appropriate for your goal. If you just want to loot play covert ops or go into the raid with low end gear and no expectations. If you want to grind missions equip good armor but also invest in good ammunition and mags to reload.

Same goes for the lockdown zone gamemode. Don’t play this if you aren’t at least in a two-man team as you’ll have no chance against bigger squads if you’re going in solo. Enemies here have even better gear than in normal raids but the loot is also way better. AI militants do more damage as well but also reward you with plenty new rigs and armor.

Think before acting

Arena Breakout is a realistic shooter. That means that in most cases you aren’t able to push in, shoot everyone and extract alive. You will have to carefully make your way into a better position, plan your attack and hope the enemy didn’t spot you. It takes just a few high level bullets to end your run.

We recommend sticking to the areas outside the hotzones at first to get a feel for the game and to only explore the very player active areas once you got a good sense of the game and are confident in taking fights.

Search for teammates

Playing the game solo is possible but not always the best idea as you for instance have no additional cover while looting. Another advantage of playing with teammates are better tactical possibilities during a fight. One player can flank around the enemies while others face them head on.

Teammates are also a great way to prevent loosing gear as any of your lost gear they extract will be send back to your storage.

The best gun isn’t going to win a fight

Ammunition plays a huge role in Arena Breakout as higher tier ammo has a better piercing effect than lower tier. Let’s take 7.62×39 ammunition as an example. This ammo is used by the SKS or the AKM and you can see why good ammunition is important here: the gray, tier 1 piercing ammo does 60 damage while the golden tier 4 piercing ammo does 80 base damage. Keep in mind that the higher the piercing tier, the higher the final damage output will be. A militant inside the lockdown zone can be taken down with around 5 tier 3 piercing (purple) ammo while it takes a good half magazine (~15 bullets) to eliminate them with the tier 1 ammunition.

Get to level 18 as fast as possible

At level 18 you unlock the weekly quests from Joel. These reward you with lots of experience points for basically just playing the game. Most of the time it’s about eliminating a certain amount of people, going into raids, extracting and selling goods on the market.

At the same time always keep track of your dailies. These daily quests are a great source of experience points, especially at the beginning of the game.

If you have any other useful tips or feedback for the provided ones feel free to leave a comment below this artice.

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