Top 5 picks for Easter gifts on steam

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In this little news article I will show you 5 games on steam I recommend buying if you’re still looking for an Easter gift. These are sorted by their price and most of them have a multiplayer mode.

If you have any other recommendations you want to share feel free to do that below this article in the comments.


We already wrote a review about this game and I really enjoy it. The game received a 6.5/10 rating. It loads up fast, has some nice simple graphics and arcade like drift physics. There is a multiplayer to play on official or self-created servers and also an active discord community.

The game is still regularly updated and runs smoothly on all devices. Definitely worth the 1€ as it’s on sale right now.

Stick Fight: The game

…is not on sale right now but its worth the 5€. This is a fun game to play either on local or online multiplayer with your friends. You basically fight against each other with firearms, swords and other bizarre weapons. Lots of fun, raging and shouting guaranteed.


screenshot from the mobile version

For me Terraria is one of the best games ever made similar to Minecraft. Speaking of Minecraft: Terraria is often insulted as “2d-minecraft” but it’s way more than that. The vanilla game has more story elements than minecraft and focuses more on NPC interaction. There are monsters and bosses to fight and lots of resources to gather. You can find a crafting and buff/upgrade system in the game and even go fishing. The possibilities for mods are endless and you can play through this game multiple times and still miss out on some content. I recommend using tModLoader for a simple approach to modding. Definitely worth way more than the 10€ Re-Logic is asking for. There is also a mobile version of the game but I would only recommend playing this if you have a bigger screen than just a normal phone.


…is also not on sale right now but it’s on of the coolest multiplayer games I have played so far. My friend and I played for around 10 hours so far and there is a lot do to in this game. Story-wise we haven’t progressed far but story is definitely there.

The thing we enjoyed most is expanding our raft to gather and store more materials. New things can be unlocked by researching recipes and the game has a nice learning curve. The nice thing are the endless possibilities how to construct your raft and creative freedom.

There are also animals to catch and also a whole cooking system. Sometimes is gets a little repetitive when you’re just driving on the open sea but every time exciting when you see a new island on the horizon.

No Man’s Sky

I bough this game when it was last on sale and really enjoyed my time so far. It has really nice graphics and really a lot to explore.

The content to complete just keeps on growing as the game is regularly updated since its catastrophic launch in 2016. (There is a really nice video about that by the youtuber Internet Historian if you’re interested 😉 )

The main goal of the game is to gather resources, complete quests and build bases. You can purchase new spaceships, upgrades and other equipment. I sometimes found myself confused not knowing what to do or what exactly my next step is but there are lots of guides to help with that. The game is best described as an open-world-multiplayer-space-adventure game and it’s really steps up to its reputation. NMS is on sale at the moment and only cost half the normal price so definitely worth a look if you like open-world games.

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