Surviving the red planet: First look at Occupy Mars

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Occupy Mars is a hardcore open-world sandbox survival game. It’s currently in early access and expected to be released on 10th of May this year, tomorrow. We interviewed our friend who had access to the earlier versions of the game and summarized his experiences in this quick first look article.

Game content

Starting out you receive a starter pack with some items needed to start your jouney. The landing animation on the planet is also very detailed and well-made.

Occupy Mars has a relatively rough visual appearance at the moment but this is expected to change with new updates. The game is running on the Unity engine. Although there’s room for improvement you can perceive some beautiful sunrises. The environment is based on real maps of the planet and you really recognize that red planet look from the pictures humanity has received so far from NASA’s rovers.

Your goal as a player is to survive on mars, fighting against changing weather conditions and the hostile environment. To build your base you need to collect materials. This grinding can get a bit repetitive as there a lack of content in the game at the moment but at the same time it’s exciting to get all of the different materials. As a player you can construct not only housing but also vehicles like rovers or jetpacks.

There are some minor bugs in the game version before the now releasing early access on steam but these are getting fixed fast as the devs at Pyramid Games have set up a community discord server for their games.

Development in the future

The diversity of gameplay and graphics will be improved. In addition to that a change to the user interface was announced and there are multiple vehicles and other structures expected to release soon. There are even plans for an online coop-mode. The developers are working on improving the day and will regularly release new updates as their roadmap suggests.


Occupy Mars – Early access version: As the game is rapidly improving and new content is added regularly we suggest purchasing the game. Also if you're into space or mars related content in general this is basically the Minecraft or ARK of the space exploration games. GLPC: emk

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Get Occupy Mars here

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