First successful EFT clone? – First look at Arena Breakout

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Arena Breakout is a first person extraction shooter made for mobile devices. The game was developed by Morefun Studios and publish by Level Infinite. It was released to the wide public on July 14 just a few days ago. Today we share our first impressions and opinions on the game with you.

First Impressions

The game has a rather long introduction tutorial that helps you with the basic game mechanics. You get introduced to contacts, that give you access to missions with goals that need to be completed and reward you with gear and items. The game gives you a good idea of inventory management and how to collect and sort your gear and materials. You also get thrown into your first “real” match before the tutorial ends. At the beginning the controls feel a bit snappy but they can be easily configured to your liking.

Your goal for each run is to gather as much loot value from materials and dropped gear of defeated enemies and to extract successfully. Throughout the match you’ll meet other players and AI soldiers that you can either avoid by going stealth and trusting the game to mark any noises on your compass. On the other hand you can take them out with a well placed shot or two. Just watch out that you keep enough ammunition in your inventory 😉

Every time you extract you earn experience points that contribute to your level. The more you level up, the more features and contacts you unlock. This adds a smooth development and also prevents a new play from being overwhelmed by the amount of possibilities.

Check out some screenshots from the first hours of gameplay we went through below:

Take a look at the official global launch trailer on youtube below:

Things we enjoyed

Many things feel such as the character creator or the lobby feel similar to games like PUBG: Mobile or Lost Light. This allows the average mobile fps player to quickly configure the controls and find all the important settings. On the other hand in the beginning this made me question the quality of the game. After some playtime I was pleasantly surprised, that the game is well made and fun to play. Unlike the games mentioned above Arena Breakout pulled of an amazing and a bit simplified mobile version of the popular pc extraction shooter Escape from Tarkov.

The cool thing about Arena Breakout is that it’s an actual mobile game that can be enjoyed on the go as it uses pretty much no mobile data (around 80mb for 1h of gaming).

Another important points are the amazing graphics. At some point I wasn’t able to distinguish between a low performance pc game or a mobile game. Along the graphics the menus are well designed and logically constructed.

There are lots of events in the game that provide a great way to earn well built weapons and gear like backpacks if you died inside a raid. In general the game is pretty forgiving at the beginning.

What parts of the game can be improved

As the game run pretty well and I enjoyed myself I don’t really see any major negative points to mention here. My minor issues include a pretty bad battery usage to performance optimization. Arena Breakout used around 2 times more of my battery compared to playing games like PUBG: Mobile.

Another luxury would be a slower approach to the complex magazine and ammunition management. Being introduced to basic game mechanics first and getting to know the different kinds of materials slowly would feel more natural to me. Maybe I’m just spoiled by simple shooter games 😉 I do want to add, that there are multiple ways to learn about features inside the game like the Instructor Q&A.

Get Arena Breakout here

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