Magus perfectus the brand new BTD6 tower – too powerful?

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The Magus perfectus, the paragon for the wizard monkey was added to Bloons Tower Defense 6 with the newest update V.37 in the beginning of June 2023. Lets take a closer look at its functionality, cost and usefulness!

Basic Paragon functionality

The tower combines gameplay and visual elements from all tier 5 upgrades of the wizard.

source: BTD wiki

The Magus pefectus has two abilities: the first one, Phoenix Explosion consumes all graveyard mana, a currency earned from destroyed bloons, to set all Bloons on fire for 30 seconds and to summon Zombie ZOMGs that are also able to summon more Zombie bloons. The second ability called Arcane Metamorphosis makes the Paragon destroy everything with fire and also produces an effect similar to the wall of fire. Another important Part of the wizard paragon is the dark phoenix, an Upgrade to the normal phoenix

To earn graveyard mana you have to switch between life force to rejuvenation mode as it enable the wizard paragon to shoot a life draining beam at the first target and replaces the more effective Mana draining Attack.

Cost and Game stage

The Magus perfects costs 638k on easy, 750k on medium and 810k on hard difficulty which arranges it in the middle ground of all paragon prices.

farming bananas

As all paragons it is mainly used in a really late game where the needed money of 900k on impopaple mode is not an issue. If you want to go straight to it you should start by placing a lot of banana farms 4-2-0 or 0-2-4, ideally with banana collectors, and a few banks. By round 150 you should then be able to have enough money for the needed paragon.

asking to sacrifice the other wizards

Keep in mind that sacrificing more monkeys to the tower levels the paragon up so make sure to place a few 4-2-0, 0-4-2 and 0-2-4 wizard monkeys around before buying the paragon.


normal attack of the magus perfectus

As just mentioned, the paragon only makes sense in the late game where money is not a problem. Should you have reached higher rounds then 150 it will start to make increasingly more sense to buy the wizard. Furthermore as a rule of thumb you will need to place 22 x 4-2-0 (and variations) wizards to get the paragon to its max level. Should you be interested in more useful tips to get you to higher rounds and play the game more efficiently check out our best tower combinations article.

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