Steam summer sale best deals!

Every year right before the summer heat reaches its maximum Steam offers a large variety of games in sale to amuse all the people fleeing from the temperatures in to air cooled rooms. Naturally every gamer likes the generous summer sale but in the end everyone ask themselves what to buy in this huge selection. Lets take a look at some of the best game you can get right now for reduced prices!

Steamdeck – 10%

Did you know that you can also buy hardware directly on steam? Well even if you didn’t, the Steamdeck might be worth a look with a price reduction of -10% bringing the portable game console down to 377,10 €. It offers the possibility to play PC games on the go in a Nintendo Switch Like Design but with enough power to run even titles like GTAV smoothly thanks to its advanced AMD integrated GPU.

Steamdeck – source: Valve

Elden Ring – 30%

Elden Ring is a great fantasy action RPG from the creators of Dark Souls (also discount of 50%). In the game you play as an outcast who returns to the lands between, a world shattered by the breaking of the Elden Ring, the source of all life. You must explore a vast open world and fight back fearsome enemies using your increasingly more powerful weapons. Don’t miss on this adventurist classic of RPG games now with 30% discount bringing it down to 41,99€.

Elden Ring – source: Bandai Namco

Atomic Heart – 34%

Atomic Heart plays in an alternate history of a retrofuturistic Soviet Union. You play as a special agent who must investigate an incident at a secret facility. In your first person view shooter experience you will face mutant creatures, terrifying machines and superpowered robots that have gone rogue. To battle these forces you are given an experimental power glove and cutting edge weapons to survive in your ruthless environment. Atomic Heart is a game of horror, action and adventure. It is currently on discount by 34% resulting in a price of 39,59€.

Atomic Heart – source: IGN

Forza Horizon 5 – 50%

If you are searching for a racing game, look no further! Forza Horizon offers a large amount of cars and tuning capabilities to choose from and many different game modes and themes within the car communities (Drifting, Rally, etc). Furthermore this great experience is wrapped in stunning graphics making Forza Horizon one of the nicest games to look at. Should you be interested in Forza, check out or in depth review of it. Forza Horizon 5 is currently of by 50% bringing its price down to 29,99€.

Forza Horizon 5 – source: 4Players

Subnautica – 67%

Subnautica is an underwater adventure and survival game taking place on an alien ocean planet. To survive you have to craft equipment, pilot submarines and avoid harsh wild life as you explore the depths of a massive open world full of wonder and mystery. You will discover coral reefs, volcanoes, care systems and more while trying to uncover the unknown around you. You can now get this great exploration and creative game with a 67% discount resulting in a price drop to 9,98€.

Subnautica – source: Epic Games

Need for speed Unbound – 70%

Need for Speed Unbound is a racing game offering classic street races in combination with many customization and tuning options. You will find yourself racing against time, the police and take on weekly qualifiers to reach ultimate street racing challenges. The customization options are endless and allow you to fit the ride to your individual style by changing lights, colors and body. NFS Unbound is classic racing game delivering adrenaline and speed with a discount of 70% putting it at 20,99€.

Need For Speed Unound – source: EA

Valve Complete Pack – 96%

Most of you probably already have this steal of a pack with 96% discount, so this rather suited for the beginners on Steam. The valve complete pack includes every game Valve the company behind Steam has released so far. This includes absolute classic such as Half Life one and two and the greatest puzzle games around: the Portal series. Furthermore the included Left4Dead series is worth checking out. There are also lot of older games included here but only for these six games it is already worth it to invest the 5,96€ for this great deal.

Valve complete pack – source: GamersRD

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