A new game from Valve? – Deadlock rumors heating up

The popular company behind the big video game distribution platform Steam is apparently very far into the development of a new game. Valve is known for taking their time to perfect a game has not yet made a statement or announcement regarding the existence of it. As its often the case, the first information came trickling in via leaks of testing video game footage.

Deadlock trademark application

While there have been some early rumors about a game called Neon Prime the US Patent and Trademark office now has a recent application for the name Deadlock to be registered as a trademark for Valve. The earlier application has now been discarded making it quite sure for the game to have the name “Deadlock”. As there has been no statement though we can only wait till the official release.

Leaks over Leaks

While there have been rumors for many weeks the most substantial leak comes in the form of real gameplay footage from two weeks ago. Probably from a closed beta tester, the video shows Deadlocks tutorial/training mode with many different heroes and playable characters in action.

What kind of game is it?

Judging from the leaks, Deadlock appears to be a combination of a hero shooter similar to overwatch combined with other elements from classical Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Games. A blending of genres is something that Valve is well known for. The success of the Portal games came from its unique combination of puzzle, “shooter” and story all in one.

Overall it seems like Deadlock is a fast-paced, strategic shooter with unique characters and potentially many different elements mashed together in one fun game.

Release date

The release date rumor kitchen is already cooking heavily and while there are many different opinions on when the new game could be released the upcoming summer game fest on 7th June is often one of the top guesses. With the recent leak of video game footage and whole sequences of game play it is very likely that the game is already in a bigger testing phase and therefore closer to the launch than one might think. The summer game fest in 4 days would be the perfect opportunity to announce the game to the public.

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