Relaxing free Jump and Run Experience: Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey were both published by Canadian indie game studio Noodlecake and have together earned about 60 million downloads on google play alone. The game were developed by Snowman and Land & Sea. Both games are 2d jump and run titles with only a small difference in gameplay. There are also some special editions released on IOS. If you’re not the type of gamer who likes relaxing games check out our article about 5 action mobile games.

Game appearence

The player moves in 2d environment with a obstacles on his path. In the near background there’s a variety of plants and rocks to be found. The further background is dominated by simple mountain shapes and a beautiful sun. This makes room for amazing photos to share which can be taken if you press the pause button.

You’ll hear some relaxing background music and simple sound effects whenever you pick up an item. If you just want to enjoy the music and the background without any sound effects and without and ending to your run try the zen mode by swiping right in the main screen.


In both game your character is riding a board around a mountainous landscape. You need to jump to avoid stones and other obstacles like ravines. You can also find some ropes or mountains (in Odyssey) to grind on. Odyssey offers an air current and a hot air balloon to bounce off. Chasers can be found sitting around who’ll chase you through the mountains until there’s a big obstacle. When reaching you they’ll push you off the board, ending your run. If you hold your finger on the screen the character will start to spin which can be used to perform backflips or correcting your form so you land on your board.

In general hitting any obstacles, failing to get over them or landing on your back while performing tricks is going to end the run.


To unlock a new character you need to complete 10 levels with 3 quests each. These are mostly easy to complete but there are some harder ones that can slow down your process immensely. Luckily after some runs you’re able to skip these for 1500 coins.

If you want to improve your efficiency on your runs you can use the collected coins to purchase upgrades like an increase on the magnet timer or to purchase a suit that can be used to fly after hitting a certain amount of tricks in a short time. Upgrades can be helpful but aren’t a must to have fun.

An alternative to grinding is to purchase character or upgrade with real money.


Alto's Adventure + Alto's Odyssey : The Alto games are fun to play if you have just a few minutes to spend. You can progress fairly easily and the graphics are very well done for a mobile game. GLPC: emk

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Let me know in the comments if you managed my humble highscore of 52.665 points in Alto’s Odyssey or 57.322 points in Alto’s Adventure.

Get Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey here

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