GTA Online First Dose – Mission review

First Dose is a series of 6 missions that was added to GTA Online during the Los Santos Drug Wars update last winter. Today we’ll present you these missions and rank them. We share some impressions with you and tell you if they are still a effective way to make money.

DISCLAIMER: There will be some story spoilers in the mission summaries.

The missions are given to you by Dax, the leader of the Fooliganz gang. You can find their HQ, the Freakshop, at the yellow D near the east highway of Los Santos after completing the first mission in the First Dose series. You as a player are working with the Fooliganz to fight against the Lost MC, a rival drug selling gang. The second part of the story was added with the Last Dose mission series. Dax also offers some other variable, repeatable missions that reward 50.000$.

If you play through the missions chronologically this is the correct order:

  • First Dose 1 – Welcome to the Troupe
  • First Dose 2 – Designated Driver
  • First Dose 3 – Fatal Incursion
  • First Dose 4 – Uncontrolled Substance
  • First Dose 5 – Make War not Love
  • First Dose 6 – Off the Rails

As we have only completed the First Dose missions and not yet the Last Dose series, we are unable to replay the missions I didn’t take screenshots of. Please excuse the lack of impressions for some of them.

1. First Dose 6 – Off the Rails

You have to steal precursor chemicals from Humane Labs and Research in order to start producing LSD. While collecting supplies Dax notices, that there is a train with more chemicals on the way. The player is tasked to let the train crash by flipping a railway switch. After that you’ll have to collect more chemicals and finally have to take a Brickade 6×6 to the Freak Shop.

I really enjoyed this mission as it offers a pretty amazing ending to the first half of the Drug Wars missions. The cool part is, that you also get the opportunity to purchase the Acid lab business after this mission for around 750k.

2. First Dose 1 – Welcome to the Troupe

You are introduced to the Fooliganz while they are defending the Ace Liquor, an abandoned building near the south shore of the Alamo Sea. There you have to defeat the attacking Lost MC members and reconquer a stolen caravan. After you got the the caravan back you’ll have to take it to an abandoned warehouse situated in the Mirror Park Railyard, close to the Casino. Future missions will be started from here, the Freakshop.

The missions is pretty straight forward as you only have to defeat some groups of enemies twice and defend a driving vehicle. Nevertheless the introduction cutscene is funny but also a bit weird at the same time and offers you a general idea of what you’ll have to deal with in the future.

3. First Dose 5 – Make War not Love

Dax calls the player to fight against the rivaling hippies. You are tasked to destroy some supplies in a trailer park while being attacked by the inhabiting hippies. After that you’ll have to destroy 3 delivery vans before traveling to the Altruist camp where you have to destroy more vehicles.

I really enjoyed the packed action in this mission although it gets a bit difficult towards the end of the mission. The mission targets can be completed pretty fast with a 4-player squad or a solo grenade launcher approach.

4. First Dose 4 – Uncontrolled Substance

You meet Dax and some members of his gang outside the Freakshop and are given some beer. After drinking it, it is revealed, that the bear had some Acid in it. You’ll find yourself in a wild drug trip with weird transitions.

The challenges you have to complete during the trip are pretty fun but the colorful overlay is quite annoying during some parts of the mission.

5. First Dose 3 – Fatal Incursion

The goal of the mission if to steal the meth supplies of the Lost MC from their lab at Millar’s Fishery, a place near the north shore of Alamo Sea. You’ll have to deal with some enemies and search the supplies scattered around the mission grounds. After successfully collecting all supplies you fly back to the Freakshop and have to land in a storm drain.

This mission is pretty annoying the first time you play it as you have no idea where all the meth supplies are situated which leads to a lot of time waste. We should also mention, that the final part of the mission, the Dodo flying and landing can be pretty hard for beginner players as planes are not the easiest to control.

6. First Dose 2 – Designated Driver

Dax tells the players to steal Lost MC supplies from the harbor terminal. You’ll have to pick up a truck to tow a trailer back to the freak shop. On the way back the trailer is destroyed and the players are tasked to the nearest Lost MC clubhouse to steal information and weed.

I don’t like the fact, that you aren’t able to successfully transport the trailer to the Freakshop which is suggested by the trailer health bar. This makes the second part of the mission feel a bit like a loss rather than a preprogrammed part. What I did really enjoy was the robbing animations while stealing from the Lost where your character is stacking all the drug bricks inside your bag.


Most of the First Dose missions are lots of fun but some of them are quite annoying. The missions are defenitely worth a playthrough but as they reward you with an additional 50 grand each if you complete them for the first time. After all of them you get 250k.

The cherry on top is that you also get access to the acid lab business if you choose to purchase it. The Freakshop in itself is also worth a look as it offers a weapon shop that is free to use.

Let us know your personal ranking of the First Dose missions in the comments below.

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