GTA Online Last Dose – Mission review

Last Dose is a series of 5 missions that was added to GTA Online during the Los Santos Drug Wars update this march. Today we’ll present you these missions and rank them. We share some impressions with you and tell you if they are an effective way to make money.

DISCLAIMER: There will be some story spoilers in the mission summaries.

The missions are given to you by Dax, the leader of the Fooliganz gang. You can find their HQ, the Freakshop, at the yellow D near the east highway of Los Santos after completing the first mission in the First Dose series. You as a player are working with the Fooliganz to fight against a group of rival drug producers. Dax also offers some other variable, repeatable missions that reward 50.000$.

If you play through the missions chronologically this is the correct order:

  • Last Dose 1 – This is an Intervention
  • Last Dose 2 – Unusual Suspects
  • Last Dose 3 – Friedmind
  • Last Dose 4 – Checking In
  • Last Dose 5 – BDKD

1. Last Dose 5 – BDKD

This is the final mission of the series. The players are flying a plane towards the LSIA (airport in the city) with the goal to steal goods from Friedlander cargo plane mid air. After you’ve successfully taken over the plane you’ll have to land it at the Sandy Shores airfield. After landing and while loading the goods into a truck you are confronted with police forces arriving and need to hold the position for a while. The mission ends with a chase over the highway back to the Freakshop.

I really enjoyed this mission because of this typical GTA unrealistic way to get something done. Flying such a huge cargo plane was also a nice challenge but I can imagine this can be annoying if you aren’t used to flying in GTA. All in all a nice way to end this mission series.

2. Last Dose 1 – This is an Intervention

The players joins Dax and Labrat, a psychedelics researcher working for Dax, who are having an argument over the drugged state Labrat is currently in when a group of white suited man kidnap Labrat and escape. The players have to fight of multiple waves of enemies on foot, in cars and even in helicopters to complete the mission.

This mission is pretty simple and also fun to complete as you can train your aiming skills and it can be completed pretty fast if you played it multiple times and know where and when the enemies appear.

3. Last Dose 4 – Checking In

Dax sends the player to a rehabilitation center where Isiah Friedlander is testing his new drug. The players have to fight against a few enemies alongside their Fooliganz friends. After defeating all of the enemies and opening the door to the center they are hit with a wave of drugged gas. You experience a drug trip and have to fight against 4 waves of enemies.

The mission is very similar to the first one as you’ll just have to drive to a destination and eliminate targets. During the drug trip part it was harder to hit enemies as the gun was very shaky and it was hard to hit. Other than that I would say the trip was more enjoyable than the one in the first series of missions.

4. Last Dose 3 – Friedmind

The players use the keycard from the last mission to access the FriedMind HQ. You first need to search for clues of Labrats position and are then guided towards the basement. Throughout the HQ you’ll have to deal with security. They find Labrat in the basement but are stopped by Isiah Friedlander, the leader of FriedMind before escaping. After a little cutscene the players need to escape in a stolen car back to the Freakshop.

This mission was cool because you can even complete some parts in stealth. The cutscene was well made and the escape at the end was actually pretty easy as you can avoid most of the fighting.

5. Last Dose 2 – Unusual Suspects

After Labrat was kidnapped, Dax tasks the player to find clues about his location. Dax first gives the players 2 locations where they should interrogate two low-level group leaders to get clues. As neither of them know more about the whereabouts of Labrat, Dax decides to target a higher level Hippy Boss. This time the players are guided towards a warehouse on Elysian Island. There they need to search for 5 clues while defending themselves against enemies. The clues show that the FriedMind Pharmaceutical Corporation is responsible for taking Labrat. The players steal a keycard that is used in the next mission.

I don’t like the concept of having to complete 2 events that are basically pointless. The whole mission took way longer than for instance the first one and the payout sadly doesn’t represent this. I did like the little minigame when the players are hacking the door of the warehouse.


Each mission pays around 20k for completing it on normal difficulty. For some of them this is definitely worth it (the first one for instance can be completed in around 5 minutes if you are playing with a 4 player squad.

The missions are defenitely worth a first playthrough as you a receive a 100k bonus for each mission you complete for the first time (so around 600k for completing all missions). The Freakshop in itself is also worth a look as it offers a weapon shop that is free to use. In addition to that you can also claim the Friedlander’s sportscar, an Ocelot Virtue, after completing the final mission.

As always feel free to let us know your personal ranking of the First Dose missions in the comments below.

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