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Flashpoint Archive is a huge open source community effort to save all the memorable browser games that ran on the discontinued Adobe flash player. The best thing about it? You can roam completely for free in your memories of the earlier days of the internet.

What was Flash Player?

Flash player was a popular software for displaying multimedia content in the browser. This included videos, audio, animations and also small games. Some of the most popular include line rider (a simple game where you draw the hill for a sled rider to ride down), Desktop tower defense (a classic tower defense game), the original cookie clicker, crush the castle (a more realistic version of Angry birds) but also simple multiplayer games like territory wars. Furthermore, the early bloon tower defense ran in the browser using flash player the same way the popular, quite violent mini sandbox game happy wheels made its way onto many screens across all homes and schools :).

To sum it up, flash player was the solid foundation to many of the fun early day browser games that we know till today.

But why was it discontinued?

By bringing so much fun to the people and therefore traffic and more importantly money to computers around the world, one would rightfully ask why Adobe Flash player was turned off in December 2020. Although many reasons lead to the final decision, the Flash player had serious security reasons that made computers using the software very prone to hacking. With increasing age more and more vulnerabilities came to light and the amount of developers using flash player for their projects decreased with it. Therefore in 2017 Adobe finally decided it was not worth it to keep Flash player running and discontinued it.

Bring back the memories

source: Flashpoint archive

But don’t worry all the memories are not gone forever! The free open source software Flashpoint Archive allows you to download a separate, easy to use environment in which you can use, download and play thousands of old Flash Player games! The environment itself is only taking up around 3GB of space while the individual game themselves are obviously just a few MB as they were meant to be played in Browsers. You could even download the whole archive with more than a Terabyte of old Flash Player games.

Check out this free to use portal to old times of the internet and play some of you favorite childhood games!

Get Flashpoint archive:

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