Show your support for our website using FH5 stickers

We designed some stickers for your liveries in Forza Horizon 5. You can also find some custom liveries we made for you. You can get them by using the provided sharecodes. This post will be expanded in the future.
How to use a share code in Forza Horizon 5

Get to your home or the nearest festival grounds.
Under the “Garage” tab press on “Designs&Paints”
Click on “Find new designs”
Press “Search” or the key associated with it (check on the key description on the bottom)
You are now inside the search menu. Press “share code” and enter your sharecode.

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Url stickers

These stickers just show our website url. We made a style with simple letters and one with a blackletter calligraphy style:

Blackletter style: 178 318 902
Simple style: 110 374 417

Logo stickers

This sticker is just our basic logo with the LP letters standing for the lars-projects in You can get a white or black version of the sticker.

White font-color: 106 309 878
Black font-color: 159 980 561

Car liveries

Check out this blue livery for the Toyota GR Supra from 2020. We kept a simple blue color splash design with a white race bar. You can also find some of our stickers on the car.
Get this car with the share-code: 378 847 676

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