2 free extraction shooters to play with your friends

In this article we will show you our top 3 recommendations in the extraction shooter genres. You’ll find both games for pc and mobile here and some are even cross-playable. Note that the recommendations are based on games we played so far so if you have other suggestions leave a comment below the article.

Lost Light

Playing on the map “BAF factory” as a marauder

Developed by chinese NetEase Lost Light is a game very similar to Escape from Tarkov but with a simpler game design. You have 4 maps to choose from and the goal is to get as many loot and complete quests before successfully extraction at your extraction point. During your stay in the Operation zone you can meet other players called “fireflies” or bots called “marauders”. Bots are normally easy to kill and a good source for starting loot but can get tricky to defeat if you meet boss bots. You as a player can also choose to go in a match as a marauder with preset gear which is nice to farm some money without worrying about loosing gear.

end of match screen: list of what you earned

Quests reward money and items and are given by different NPCs. Items can be used to upgrade your shelter or to craft new gear to wear. Money isn’t really needed unless you want to get into the ranked mode endgame and climb the leaderboards.

Weapon-wise there are a lot to choose from in the game and they can be modified in a way to fit your playstyle. Some attachments are hard to find so it’s always nice to meet and defeat other player for good loot. While writing this review the insurance feature is not in the game otherwise you would be able to get all of the gear you lost in the zone when you died back after a certain amount of time if nobody has taken it.

The game is still updated regularly and the developers bring more and more appearance mods into the game which can be purchased with real money. Speaking of real money: you can buy premium subscriptions to get more storage space and free items. Just keep in mind that money still can’t buy you skill. There are also monthly events and login rewards that contribute to a growing soon overflowing pile of loot in your storage containers.

I would recommend this game if you want to play together with your friends who maybe only have a mobile device to play on. Crossplay works good after you unlocked it on level 5 which takes around 45min to get to. Another annoying thing are the cheaters in the game: the developers do make changes to the game to prevent cheating but you can find them in nearly every match. Other than that the game has a big potential for the future.

Pubg Mobile Metro Royale

entrance to one of the underground areas

Unlike the PC version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds PUBG Mobile has other modes than the classic battle royale. If you want to have a change from chasing the chicken dinner you can fight through the map of Metro Royale. Here you can loot and fight with up to 4 friends against bots and real players. The goal is to collect as much loot as you can and get to one of the extraction points on the map. This follows the same principle as Lost Light but the maps are way bigger and buildings/towns aren’t as close to each other. There a a few maps to choose from and you can also go underground.

Weapons can be either found on players/bots you defeated or looted from chest scattered around houses. Weapons and armor look the same as in the normal battle royale mode. They do have different rarities with different efficiency in battle. There are also sights for your weapon which give you “night vision” abilities. Your gear is reset every once in a while so the game stays relatively fair.

In my 4hours of testing this mode with my friend we have met around 2 players. Similar to normal Pubg mobile there are cheaters in the game that can ruin your fun and also steal your good gear. Other than that I can only recommend pubg mobile if you’re a mobile gamer and haven’t tried it yourself yet. Playing this on PC is possible using emulators but you won’t get into the same matchmaking queue as mobile players and crossplay puts you and your friends on mobile into a bot lobby most of the time.

Honorable mention: Division 2 Dark Zones

In Division 2 a looter shooter game published by Ubisoft. The main gameplay isn’t about PvP but there are 3 Dark Zones (DZ) where you play against AI enemies but also against other players that might attack you by going rogue. Rogue agents can steal your loot which can be frustrating but most of the time you can easily find some friendly agents to team up and play with.

You complete landmarks to gain loot or get it just by looting dark zone chest with keys. Most of the loot in this area needs to be extracted by helicopter because its infected. For me the concept of the dark zone is way more exciting than the normal Division 2 gameplay as it really gets your heart pounding if you carry the high end loot towards the extraction helicopter.

My only criticism about the DZ is that the matchmaking isn’t based on playtime or “gear quality” and more on the general level brackets which can lead to you meeting someone with 1k+ hours in Division 2 while you are just getting to know the game. From my beginner perspective this seems quite unfair sometimes. Also note that the DZ community can sometimes be really toxic. A good way to counter that it to pick up a group of friends and fight together.

In my opinion you should only buy the game when it’s on sale and preferably choose the “Warlords of New York Edition” to get access to both the base game and the expansion while also unlocking some special missions and apparel. If you want to check out the different versions look no further than this comparison by ubisoft.

If you’re not yet able to decide check out the trial version of the game which you can play for 8 hours and progress until level 8.

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