3 free clicker games to play when you’re bored

Clicker games are a fun way to spend time when you’re bored. They can be quite addicting and many say they are a waste of time. Check out these 3 clicker games we found for you to form your own opinion. The basic gameplay principle is always the same: You click on some sort of button to earn a currency and can purchase upgrades to earn more currency which slowly cost more.

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The starting point – Orteil’s cookie clicker

The original cookie clicker was published in 2013 by the french developer Orteil. The game introduced the basic principles of a clicker type game. You click on a big cookie to earn cookies which can be used to buy upgrades and buildings. Buildings generate cookies for you, the higher the price the more they make. Buying new upgrades helps your cookie generation and improves the efficiency or your buildings. This gives you an more or less infinite gaming experience. There is also a fandom wiki about the cookie clicker if you are interested in the history of the game or how for example prices are calculated.

Growing potatoes – AdVenture communist

AdVenture communist was published on steam 2016 as an early access version and is a spin-off to the clicker game AdVenture Capitalist. Both games are developed by Hyper Hippo Productions. The finished game can be found on mobile. Its free to play on all devices but you can purchase upgrade currency through real money.

The gameplay follows the basic principles mentioned above: You click a button to get potatoes. Get a certain amount to buy a farmer. Farmers generate more potatoes which can be used to buy more of them or to purchase buildings which generate farmers. This goes on and on and the prices just go up. There are 5 materials in total that can be collected following the same basic ideas. You get scientists that can be used to purchase upgrades and there is also an “achievement system” through medals. Note that that the game on steam doesn’t have any achievements and is lacking a lot of content compared to the mobile version.

For the mobile version the gameplay feels a bit different. You also start out farming potatoes by clicking and need to earn scientists, the upgrade currency to automatize the progress. You can earn the upgrade currency through chests earned by completing quests. There is only a certain amount of quests you can complete for each rank. If you want to upgrade your rank you loose all your progress except for your scientists. There are 5 categories you need to farm similar to the steam version.

Minecraft but it hurts your hands – Pickcrafter

Pickcrafter is a clicker game with graphics comparable to Minecraft. You click yourself through different bioms with different materials. Materials can be used to purchase pickaxes with higher power or gear that generates a certain amount of picks per seconds. You can find chests and bosses after breaking some materials. There are abilities that help you earn more points in different ways. Each month there are new events which reward powerful items. There are also 99 steam achievements to earn in Pickcrafter. Similar to AdVenture Communist there is also an shop to purchase items with real money.

Tips and tricks

  • If you don’t want to hurt your fingers and your mouse you could (in theory) maybe just use an auto clicker 😉
  • Leaving the game running in the background can generate more than closing it and earning the offline amount (not all games have this feature)
  • Rather purchase long time upgrades than upgrades which generate a lot of currency in a short amount of time if you plan on playing the game for a longer time span

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