Top 5 Action-Packed Mobile Games That Will Keep You Hooked

During the last years the popularity of mobile game rose massively. The even earn more revenue than PC and console titles for the industry relying mostly on ingame-purchases. Today we’ll show you a few selected “action” mobile games. Some of these games are even crossplayable or available on other platforms. As always feel free to leave your favorite mobile game from the action category in the comment section below this article.

“Do we have something against Camo Bloons?” – Bloons Tower Defense 6

BTD6 is the sixth part of the Bloons Tower Defense Series published by Ninja Kiwi. The game evolves around a group of monkeys that need to prevent different types of balloons going on a route through a map from reaching the end of the path.

late game chaos while playing on the PC version

The game is round based, meaning that after defeating a certain amount of balloons you will be faced with more and stronger “enemies”. You earn money through popping balloons and use that money to purchase more monkeys and upgrades for them.

There are a lot of difficulties and gamemodes to choose between and also a multiplayer mode with up to 4 players. If you reach the endgame rounds of the game it gets really tactical but it’s also quite relaxing to play if you just have 10min of time to complete an easy match. The game is regularly updated and has a large following. For many people I know this one of the only mobile games they’ve spend money because Ninja Kiwi just keeps improving their games since the launch of BTD1 in 2007. Want to read more? Check out our complete review about BTD6.

Actually better than the real thing – PUBG Mobile

waiting for a match start in the lobby

After ranting a lot about the PC-version of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds because of cheaters and bugs or just simply skill issues on my end I tried the mobile version of the game again. To my surprise I had way more fun there. As PUBG: Mobile is one of the most successful mobile shooter games sometimes rewarding millions of dollars in esport-tournaments it’s really optimized and runs smoothly even on older phones.

The game also features a classic multiplayer mode, different versions of the classic Battle Royale Experience and even a extraction shooter mode. As in nearly every mobile game these days you can also spend lots of money on appearance mods but you’re also rewarded some cool looking clothes just by completing the events that are taking place every week.

Difficulty-wise it’s way easier to get into than the PC-Version. If you’re an advanced mobile shooter player I recommend playing ranked matches as they’ll make you fight against more challenging enemies. In general I would recommend playing this game with friends as it’s way more fun. Being in a voice chat call is also an enormous advantage over the ingame-voicechat as you can coordinate your strategies freely.

Slashing through the pixel dungeon – Soul Knight

Soul Knight is a dungeon crawler game published by Chinese developer ChillyRoom. Your goal is to complete fight against waves of enemies in different rooms. Once you cleared all rooms you can proceed to the next level. There are multiple boss fights and levels before you reach the final boss. Throughout your journey you’ll find chests with loot and other cool surprises. There are also shops in some levels.

You basically need to complete 3 big floors filled with 5 levels each where the last one of them is always the boss room. On floor 3, level 5 you’ll meet the final boss. The fights can be hard as it’s hard to find your character with a lot of projectiles flying around especially during boss encounters.

You can selected from many characters with different starting weapons and abilities. Most of them are acquirable through ingame currency but some need to be bough with real money. There are also some amazing skins to buy with real money. The different character require different playstyles to get through levels effectively and as the levels are randomized it always feels like a new experience.

I mostly play this game on local coop as you’re able to get up to 4 people in one session. Sadly there is no multiplayer mode for people that aren’t currently at the same place. The game is still updated regularly and there has lots of content added since I played actively.

Physics have left the chat – Angry Birds

shooting the red bird at the pig tower

With the first angry birds game released in 2009 (2 years after the first iPhone was made) this is one of the oldest mobile games. But it’s still lots of fun to play. This little segment is about the game called “Angry Bird 2.0” published by Rovio Entertainment.

The story is about a group of pigs that stole a bunch of eggs from the birds. You as a player control the birds to destroy towers where the pigs hide. Tower can be made out of different materials which have a varying difficulty to be destroyed. The goal is to eliminate all pigs and destroy other objects. The catch is that you only get a limited amount and only certain kinds of birds to complete each level.

Throughout the game you unlock more birds with different abilities that unlock a variety of ways to clear the levels. Creativity also play a part in your playing journey and its fun to experiment with different tactics.

*Aggressive Swiping intensifies* – Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 is a jump and run game published by the family founded game studio Imangi Studios. The game was released in 2013, 2 years after the predecessor Temple Run and quickly became a famous game.

This success might be based on the simple controls used to move your character. The goal is to get as far as possible by jumping over or sliding under obstacles. You move your character to the left or right by tilting your phone. On your runs you can also earn some ingame currency that can be used to purchase new runners.

There is also a whole skin system and a premium currency for real money purchases. You can open chests to get perks and money. You can also find a upgrade system in the game to improve your abilities.

The only thing I don’t like is the fact that you get punched in the face with popup-windows and sometimes even ads after you completed a run. The ads can easily be disabled by turning your wifi off so it’s not that big of a deal.

Let me know in the comments if you got over my highscore with 139191 points.

A little tip for all the PC users that don’t like gaming on mobile phones: most of the game we presented you here can be found and played on emulators like Bluestacks with fairly intuitive controls. Just note that in some cases (like PUBG: Mobile) you might not get ranked or matched with mobile users.

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