Uncovering the Hidden Gems: Exploring the Secret Roads of Drift86

Drift86 has some “secret” passages and funny glitches. In this article we’ll present our favourites to you. Some might seem obvious but as most of the area that seems driveable along the main track is blocked trough invisible barriers these offer a nice change.

If you somehow ended up here without knowing what Drift86 is check out our review about it or how you can make your own liveries in Drift86. Interested in the game? Check it out here on steam.

Secrets paths – alternative routes

Racetrack: You can drift around the cones in the pits if you turn left right before the finish line.

Gunma: Right before the first small corner you can go left into a small path.

Gunma 2: There are multiple small passages on the track that are driveable like the front yards of some houses along the track or areas behind the yellow barriers that can be reached by going around the barriers either by jumping or just driving offroad through the nearest gap in the fence on each side of the road.

Here we found some houses where you can drift around. This can be quite tricky as there isn’t really much space. The entrance can be found if you drive uphill on your right side.

Drift Track: After the middle section of the track there is a red entry forbidden sign. Against your first impulse you can actually drive that part of the track as well.

Freedrift: If you spawn in just go forward until you see an opening to your right. Go there and you can explore all of the beautiful environment around the main course.

Freedrift – Countryside: If you turn around after spawning and take the next right you’ll find a gap in the fence on your left. Go in there and you are presented with a nice ramp to jump of.

Secret features – Funny glitches:

Gunma: After spawning at the top of the mountain, turn around and drive until you reach the barrier blocking the road, turn left and go under the parking lot. Continue driving under the parking spaces until you reach the end of the lot and you’ll get pushed into the air.

If you know any other cool spots on the different maps in Drift86 feel free to write a comment and we’ll credit and implement your addition. Thanks for reading!

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