Master the ultimate drifting challenge: conquer all 41 achievements in Drift86 with ease!

In this short guide we’ll explain to you how to get all achievements in Drift86 the easiest way possible at the moment. We split these into 3 categories: time-based, skill-based and action-based achievements.

If you’re thinking about completing a lot of achievements at once keep in mind that restarting the game is needed for the car related achievements and that you need to press on statistics in the main menu to get certain achievements

Simple action-based achievements

Most achievements can be easily acquired through just completing a simple task. These include all 28 “Play with the CAR” achievements. Keep in mind these are just for the non-DLC cars


  1. Select the singleplayer option in the main menu
  2. Choose the first map, “racetrack”
  3. Select the car you want the achievement for
  4. Start the race and drive for some meters
  5. Earn achievement
  6. Restart game and start again at point 1 for achievements

The “Singplayer” and “Multiplayer” achievements can be earned by playing one race in Singleplayer and by joining one of the public servers through the multiplayer option.

Another one is the “Sociable”-achievement that can be achieved by creating a multiplayer room.


  1. Select the multiplayer option in the main menu
  2. Select the custom server option
  3. On the right click on create room
  4. Wait for other people to join if you want to play with friends

Time-based achievements

Both the “Itsuski”, “Takumi” and “Bunta” achievements are based on race time. To increase your race time either just play normally or start a race without AI and let the game run in the background.

Skill-based achievements

There are two types of achievements based on skill: the total drift score and the drift score reached in one combo. To improve your total drift score you just need to drift and complete races. Total drift score achievements will be unlocked just through playing normally after some time.

  • Both the 50k and 100k drift score achievements can be easily earned on the first map: “racetrack” with any car. Just watch out to not touch the barriers as that will reset your score.
  • 500k and 1M drift score in one combo are the hardest achievements. They can either be completed on the mountain pass maps like “gunma”, “snowy country” or “the hill” if you’re skilled enough to hold longs drifts and reach the 9 combo score quickly. The problem here is mostly the U-turn at the end of a map if it includes a downhill and uphill part.
    As an alternative just load up a the “park” map in multiplayer and use a high power vehicle to be able to continue your drift on the grass. Try using the “musclecar 1969” or the “roadster” if you have the car DLC. The “forf 1965” also has lots of power but is quite hard to control because of its mass. Keep in mind that you earn combo points and score faster in multiplayer but you also loose your combo faster. Good luck!

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