Unleash carnage: proven team combos in Door Kickers: Action Squad

Today we show your our favorite team combinations in the 2d tactic shooter Door Kickers Action Squad. The game was published in September 2018 by the independant romanian gamedev studio KillHouse Games. You can either play the game solo or in coop mode.

Shield + DPS

The Shield gear basically negates any damage dealt to the Shield as long as you face the enemy. An Antistab Armor is useful to block incoming melee attacks. Therefore the Shield player should always be the one opening the doors, the DPS player (Breacher or Assaulter) stands behind him.

For the gear slots we recommend running either double Flashbangs or Flasbangs and Breaching Charges to be able to stun large groups of enemies. In the shield slot we are using the Rifle Resistant Shield to stop damage from rifles as it deals the highest amount of damage other than knifes or “exploding enemies”.

As an ultimate we’re going with double Sniper Support to progress in the achievement Slacker where you need to kill 1000 enemies with this ultimate. If you already got that or don’t care about it try going with Sniper Support on the Shield and Dragon Breath on the Breacher or Light Machinegun on the Assaulter.

Recon + DPS

The Recon has the ability to crack open doors without kicking them in giving you a stealthy option to enter rooms. This and the Spy Camera gear can be used to get an overview of the next room without alerting the enemies. Keep in mind that the Recon doesn’t do much damage which is why a Assaulter is needed to eliminate all threats on close and also medium range.

In this combination we use Sniper Support for the Assaulter and Suppressed Shotgun for the Recon. Gear slots can be used to your liking, we recommend using either Flashbangs or Smoke Grenades to not get shot too much yourself as there is no real protection as above with the Shield

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