How To Easily Beat The Monkey Meadow CHIMPS In BTD6!

Completing all achievements of a map in BTD6 is undeniably a lot of fun! After achieving the easy, medium and hard medal with ease, the fun thought could come to a harsh stop. And while alternate rounds and impoppable might still be doable with a few attempts, CHIMPS is where everyone will find themselves having to struggle. But no worries we got you covered with a step by step guide to complete the hardest Monkey Meadow version with ease!

Getting ready! – choosing the right hero

Before we start in to a fresh round of CHIMPS on the monkey meadow you need to select the right hero monkey for the job. In the following tutorial I will use Obyn, the druid hero. Thankfully its free and you can use it without needing to spend your precious monkey money. The tutorial from now on will be separated into the different rounds where you will need to act, upgrade or place in some kind of form, so read the upcoming step ahead of reaching it and slow down your game. Have fun!

Round 6 – First steps are important

a druid as the starter

As CHIMPS already starts in round 6 you will need to start really good and prepared into the game. The best tower to do so relaxed is the druid. Place it in the lower left corner of the first “intersection”. This will give it good enough coverage to be the sole defense until round 9.

Round 9 – the hero comes to the rescue

Obyn next to the druid

To proceed further place the hero which you should have set to Obyn in the lower right corner of the first intersection right next to the druid. It will now help the druid with bloon popping and will give it some other nice boosts on higher levels.

Round 14 – upgrades on the druid

upgrading the druid in the lower left corner

To proceed onto higher rounds without any major worries, upgrade your druid on the middle path to (0-2-0).

Round 21 – even more upgrades to the druid

more bloons comming in

Once you reached round 21 you should have enough money to buy your druid another upgrade on the middle path. It should now be upgraded to (0-3-0).

Beware of the tarn bloon on round 24 and read the next step now before reaching round 23!

Round 24 – be careful and take it slow

beware of the camo bloon

Even though your line of defense to the bloons might be working quite good, round 24 is where this comes to an end. To fight the single camo ballon in this round you need to activate the power of the hero Obyn right when the bloon enters to place a thornbush in its way. You may want to slow down the game in round 23 already as it can otherwise get quite difficult to time it right.

Round 29 – reinforcing the camo defense

monkey village to the help

You already defeated a camo bloon in round 24 but the method used there wont last you long. To help with that place a monkey village in the upper left corner of the intersection and upgrade it to (0-2-0) so that all the monkeys in its range are able to defeat camo bloons.

Round 33 -upgrading the druid

druid as the main workforce

To prepare for the larger and larger masses of bloons coming towards you, upgrade the original druid on the upper path to (2-3-0) which gives it the ability to send out strikes of lightning.

Round 39 – preparing for the MOAB

MOAB mauler helps with the big bloons

To slowly prepare for the upcoming MOAB place a bomb shooter in the upper right corner of the first intersection and upgrade it on the middle path to (2-3-0). Also make sure that it is within the range of the monkey village.

Round 41 – seemingly worthless upgrade

druid jungle bounty upgrade

Once you got the money, upgrade your druid to (2-4-0) on the middle path. Although this upgrade would give the druid the ability to generate money with an ability, this is not possible inside of CHIMPS mode but we still need to buy this upgrade to get to the much more powerful fifth tier upgrade. While you are at it also toggle the druids priority from strong to first.

monkey village jungle drums upgrade

At the end of round 41 or at the start of round 41 you should also have enough money to buy the bigger radius upgrade on the upper path for the monkey village and shortly after also the jungle drums upgrade to have it on (2-2-0).

With these upgrades in place you should now be good until round 46.

Round 46 – stepping up the MOAB defense

MOAB assasin to reinforce the defense

To fight the upcoming BFB (red MOAB class bloon) it is needed to upgrade the bomb shooter to MOAB assassin on the middle path. It should then be on the (2-4-0) upgrade path.

Round 50 – finishing up the bloon masses

recursive clusters are good for large amounts of bloons

To deal with the large amounts of bloons it is advised to place another bomb shooter right next to the already existing one so it is within the range of the monkey village. You should also have enough money to upgrade this one to (0-2-4) so that it has the recursive cluster.

Round 53 – slowing your enemies down

MOAB glue to slow down DDTs

The bloons can come in quite fast at these rounds. To slow them down place a glue gunner monkey right next to the monkey village and upgrade it to (0-2-4) so that it affects the MOABs heavily.

With this setup you are now good to go until round 74.

Round 74 – unleash the tier 5

finally enough money for the tier 5

After saving up all you money over the rounds you should now be able to afford the final fifth tier upgrade for the druid, the spirit of the forest (2-5-0). This gives it the ability to grow dangerous spikes all across the path.

Round 79 – boosting the towers

boosting your strongest towers

To boost the popping power of your towers place an alchemist to the left of the druid and proceed by upgrading it to (4-0-2).

Round 84 – making it difficult for the MOABs

Ninja Monkey to help with the upcoming MOAB masses

To make it harder for the MOABs in the upcoming last rounds of the game, place a ninja monkey above the first bomb shooter so that it is still covered by the monkey village and upgrade it to the sticky bomb path (0-2-4).

Round 92 – second tier 5 monkey

upgrading the tier 5 collection

After saving a bit more money you should have enough to afford your second tier 5 monkey. Select the ninja monkey you placed a step earlier and upgrade it to master bomber (0-2-5).

Round 97 – last steps

preparing for the last battle

Now you nearly made it. To finish it up you can place an ice monkey next to the ninja and upgrade it to (2-0-4). You should now be good to go to finish the game successfully. To be save though you can lastly buy the (2-0-5) upgrade for the ice monkey at the very beginning of round 100.

The last battle with the BAD!


Congratulations, you made it! You popped the evil BAD on Round 100 in CHIMPS mode! You can now decide between ending the game or going into free play. By simply upgrading the existing towers you are then able to reach a few rounds higher which you can then let anyone know in your account dashboard.

Either way we hope you had fun and thanks for reading. Leave any questions down in the comments and we will answer them as soon as possible. For more BTD6 content check out our full review or our guide on how to make your own challenges!

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