What to do when you get bored of Drift86

Drift86 may offer many different maps and cars to try out but the basic gameplay idea always stays the same. Because the game can get boring sometimes we have 3 ideas to cure your boredom.

Go achievement hunting

Drift86 offers 41 steam achievements which can be grouped in different difficulty categories. Most of them are pretty easy to complete while others can be a bit challenging, especially the “earn 1 million drift score in one combo” achievement. These offer a cool challenge to complete with friends. Check out the article we wrote about how to get all achievements with ease here.

Join community tournaments

On the community discords of Drift86 you can participate in tournaments that take place every month. You can sometimes even win prices. These tournaments have different winning requirements and rules. Check out the discord servers below to get in touch with the community.

Compete with the best

Try speedrunning tracks in the game. There is a whole community that strives to complete the tracks as fast as possible.

I would suggest joining the discord servers mentioned above to get in touch with the community and get introduced to basic rules. You can check out the best times that were approved by the speedrun.com admins with the button below.

Keep in mind that you need to record your runs to submit them so maybe pick up a classic speedrunning tool called LiveSplit to integrate a timer in your recording. There are also preset categories for Drift86 that were put into the LiveSplit menu.

Let us know whats your favorite thing to do in Drift86 in the comments below!

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