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Apart from normal games there is also the possibility to play Patchs challenges in Bloons TD6. One of them consist of a race against Biker Bones in which you can speed forward multiple bloons rounds at once should your defense withstand it. Depending on the speed you want to achieve, this can become quite difficult so lets take a look at how to beat Biker Bones with only two towers!

Video guide

Two Towers to the win

As the skipping of round in itself can be quite overwhelming we will keep it to two simple towers only to beat the set time of 6:23.65 with ease. For this challenge it is very important to have monkeys that are able to strike multiple bloons at once while being quite cheap. Therefore we are going to start with a druid and then proceed with a bomb shooter to finish the mases.

Heart of Thunder is key in early games

Begin by placing the druid in the intersection of the three ways and upgrade it on the upper path and middle path. Then proceed spawning the bloons up to round 16 and wait till you are able to buy the Heart of Thunder (2-1-0) upgrade for the druid.

Recursive Clusters – big solution to big problems

As their are more and more bloons coming in you should then be able to afford yourself a bomb shooter by round 19. While rushing through the bloons until round 30 buy the lower and middle path upgrades for the bomb shooter (0-2-3) so that it has the cluster bombs enabled.

Now your defense is all settled. Rush through to round 40 and on the way upgrade the bomb shooter to (0-2-4) and the druid to ball lightning and heart of oak (4-2-0). Having this setup by the middle of round 40 and nothing is going to stop you anymore. As only the drones can target tarn bloons some will leak through. But don’t worry, you’ve got enough lives to easily handle these.

Congratulations you beat Biker Bones by quite a big margin! Have fun playing!

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