How To Beat The CHEAP CHIMPS BTD6 Challenge!

Apart from the normal games and its shiny medals you can also grind the special BTD6 challenges that are available by going to Patch on the main screen. Out of these challenges the cheap CHIMPS challenge is a bit more on the difficult site. In the following tutorial you will therefore get a step by step guide aswell as a few tips on how to beat this BTD6 challenge with ease!

Video step by step guide

Tip 1 – Focus on few towers

The key to winning this challenge is using as few towers as needed and upgrading these to the highest possible. The selection of these towers must be carefully chosen as it is necessary to have a coverage of all bloon classes on the higher rounds. For this reason it makes sense to have a monkey with the ability to deal with many bloons, such as the monkey buccaneer on the upper and middle upgrade path (5-2-0), combined with the relatively cheap monkey village to give it the ability to also shoot down camo bloons.

Tip 2 – Start with the hero

We already established that for the coming masses of bloons the monkey buccaneer and the glue gunner (both on their upper path) are very good choices. But don’t buy these main towers right at the start as they are not equipped enough for the large variety of bloons in early rounds. As in a normal game it therefore also makes sense to place the hero (in this case Quincy) first so that it can level up.

Tip 3 – Boost your towers

Even after building out your defense with an advised maximum of around 3 to 4 towers it can make sense to spend the rest of you money on an (3-2-0) alchemist to boost you existing towers with the berserker brew. Another relatively cheap option is buying the upper village path (2-2-0) giving your monkeys in range a faster attack speed.

Congratulations! You beat the CHEAP CHIMPS BTD6 Challenge!

After the challenge is before the challenge so have fun trying out on how cheap you can manage this level on your own! If you are interested in more Bloon TD6 Challenge guides check out our easy to follow scoops tall tale guide!

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