Difficulties with CHIMPS? Explore these easy BTD6 maps!

Bloons Tower Defense 6 (BTD6) has won the hearts of strategy game fans around the world. We have also covered this game on here. Among its various difficulty levels, CHIMPS (No Continues, No Hearts Lost, No Income, No Monkey Knowledge, No Powers, No Selling) stands out as the ultimate test, pushing players strategic skills to their limits. Winning in CHIMPS mode is therefore quite difficult and demands careful planning, and a deep understanding of each map’s features.

Introduction to CHIMPS Mode

CHIMPS mode removes all forms of help and bonuses, providing a raw test of strategy. With 100 rounds to survive and no room for mistakes, success in this mode requires flawless play. The various maps in BTD6 add another layer of difficulty, each presenting its own set of challenges and opportunities. While some maps may seem nearly impossible, others offer a more manageable path to victory. If you are a starter and have difficulty getting CHIMPS done check out these maps in accending order.

Best Maps for CHIMPS in BTD6

10. Monkey Meadow

As the first map, Monkey Meadow offers a balanced challenge. Its loops and overlapping track sections provide many strategic placement options for towers. However, the limited water areas mean fewer chances for powerful water-based towers, adding a small twist to the strategy. Despite this, its relative simplicity makes it a great starting point for players aiming for a CHIMPS win.

9. Winter Park

Winter Park is popular for its straightforward layout. The long path and multiple corners ensure excellent tower coverage, and the central fountain allows for the use of submarines and buccaneers, which are very strong in CHIMPS mode. This makes Winter Park an ideal choice for beginners facing the CHIMPS challenge.

8. Town Center

Town Center combines simplicity with strategic depth, similar to an easier version of Monkey Meadow. The winding track and available water spots make it a very good map for CHIMPS runs. Players must navigate line of sight issues caused by buildings on the map, but careful tower placement can easily solve these problems.

7. Infernal

Infernal, an expertlevel map, surprisingly offers a manageable route to CHIMPS success. The dual tracks and ample water spots create unique strategic opportunities. Though challenging, its design allows for effective use of various tower types, making it a rewarding option for experienced players aiming to showcase their skills.

6. Park Path

Park Path is a balance between challenge and accessibility. The looping track ensures extensive coverage, and the central stream supports boat usage, enhancing defensive capabilities. This map is perfect for intermediate players workin on their CHIMPS strategies.

5. Off the Coast

Despite its scary appearance, Off the Coast is a straightforward map for CHIMPS mode. Its long, straight path and numerous water spots simplify tower placement and strategy. This map is excellent for players trying to train before moving on to more difficult challenges.

4. Candy Falls

Candy Falls combines length and looping tracks, offering numerous opportunities for effective tower placement. Its long path supports sustained defense, making it one of the easier maps for CHIMPS. By the way, it features a fun Easter egg, rewarding players with a special song and an achievement.

3. Dark Castle

Dark Castle, an expert-level map, is deceptively manageable in CHIMPS mode. Its initial four lanes quickly converge into a single path, enabling concentrated defense. The presence of water and the absence of significant line-of-sight issues further simplify tower placement. Dark Castle is ideal for players seeking an expert CHIMPS medal.

2. Resort

Resort is one of the easiest maps for CHIMPS due to its forgiving layout. This waw the first map i myself managed to complete. The upper right corner sees repeated Bloon passes, allowing a few well-placed towers to handle most of the defense. The big space with much room for water monkeys aswell makes this a straightforward CHIMPS win.

1. Logs

Logs is widely considered the easiest map in BTD6. Its extensive track coverage and simple layout make it a go to for players attempting CHIMPS for the first time. The presence of water and frequent Bloon passes through track intersections ensure straightforward and effective tower placement. Logs is highly recommended for beginners aiming to earn their first CHIMPS medal.


Mastering CHIMPS mode in BTD6 is a significant achievement, showcasing a player’s strategic depth and understanding of the game. But by carefully selecting the right maps and knowing the right strategies, even this challenge can be overcome. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer, these maps offer a good start to conquering one of the toughest modes in the game.

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