Bloons Tower Defense 6: best new Beast Handler Strategies

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Today we take a look at some strategies for the new Beast Handler tower in Bloons Tower Defense 6 which was added with the last big update (v36.0). We show you how to use the tower efficiently and which ways might not be so effective.

Anti Moab Beast Handler: 4 – X – X

COST: 17.195 (easy difficulty, 4-0-0), 72.500 (easy difficulty, 4* 4-0-2)

The Orca Upgrade for the Beast Handler unlock the possibility to drag M.O.A.B-class bloons towards its position. This can even drag ZOMGs if the Beast Handler is at maximum Beast Power (64). Dragging MOABS across the map is really useful especially if you concentrate all your firepower on one point. Another idea would be to use the upper upgrade path of the Beast Handler to get MOABs away from the map exit and back into your “damage zone”. Keep in mind that the Orca pulls the MOABs towards the point where you place him. (Switch the point by clicking on the Beast Handler and on the green symbol with the fish on it next to its image)

Orca dragging BFB towards lake

If you want to deal some more additional damage against lead bloons, go for the 4 – 2 – 0 variant otherwise use 4 – 0 – 2 to get camo bloons if you aren’t using a village or have other towers against them.

Buying some time: X – 4 – X

COSTS: 11.465 (easy difficulty, 0-4-0), 45860 (easy difficulty, 4* 0-4-0)

The Tyrannosaurus Rex upgrade for the Beast Handler unlocks an ability called “T Rex stomp”. This can stun all M.O.A.B-class bloons but not BADs. On maximum beast power (64) the ability can be triggered again in under 10 seconds. This upgrade is helpful against DDTs which are otherwise pretty tricky to get destroyed if you’re just starting out with BTD6.

Pushing them back: X – X – 4

COSTS: 10.490 (easy difficulty, 0-0-4), 45.840 (easy difficulty, 0-2-4)

The Giant Condor upgrade for the Beast Handler can be compared to the MOAB press upgrade of the Boomerang Monkey, but it triggers more often. On maxium beast power (64) and some other support towers like the Engineer Monkey with the bottom skill path or the glue Glue Gunner with the MOAB Glue upgrade this will make MOABs look like they’re standing still. Similar to the Orca Upgrade this is amazing to get MOABs “stuck” in a place where you got all of the heavy artillery.

If you want to deal some more additional damage against lead bloons, go for the 4 – 2 – 0 variant. As water isn’t always available this is probably the best and cheapest general use for the beast handler.

If you have some more tips you want to share feel free to share your knowledge with everyone else reading this article and leave a comment below. Thanks for reading!

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