The Best Towers And Upgrades In Bloons Tower Defense 6

Bloons Tower Defense 6 requires strategic tower placement to fend off waves of balloons. Mastering the game’s mechanics is challenging but rewarding, and there are many towers and upgrades. This article covers some of the best towers and upgrades advanced players recommend for battlefield success.

The lucrative Banana Farm and versatile Wizard Monkey each have unique strengths and abilities to help players defend against all the bloons. There is a tower for every strategy and playstyle, whether you want to boost your banana income, up your attacks, or support your other towers.

Banana Farm

Banana Farms are a necessity to reach higher rounds We need a few of these placed in the middle rounds to afford many upgrades.

Players can choose upgrades that automatically collect bananas as it is painfully annoying to collect them all by hand. If you have a banana farmer, which you can get for a small sum of in game monkey money, you can max out the first path for a maximum production banana farm (5-2-0). If you dont have a farmer it makes more sense to go the third path as the market place auto collects (0-2-4).

Wizard Monkey

The wizard monkey tower meets many criteria for being good. Its instant damage, range, and damage over time abilities help take down challenging targets. On the third path (0-0-4) the Wizard Monkey can revive balloons and send these “zombie” allies backward toward the entrance. Denser and more complicated waves give the Wizard Monkey endless balloons to throw at the enemies.

Super Monkey

Sometimes the higher difficulties try to cram too many balloons at a time leaving beginners feeling hopeless. It’ll take something with more fire power to stop the waves.

Regarding speed nothing beats the power of the Super Monkey. Even on rather low upgrades like (2-2-0) the super monkey is a great tower with incredible shooting power and very far range. Upgrade the first path for even more popping power and you have the ultimate high round work machine.

Monkey Village

Many great monkey towers can’t target camouflage or lead balloons. The solution: the monkey village on the second path (0-2-0) in close proximity. Place all your towers around it and let the magic happen.

But this support structure offers even more. The bottom track boosts players’ economies, and the top track boosts range and monkey attack speed. When used correctly, this can therefore be one of the most powerful towers on the map.

Heli Pilot

The Heli Pilot is valid on all maps because it can follow the bloons with the top upgrade path (2-0-0). Heli Pilot becomes essential on epic maps with changing courses, spawn points, and exits. You can benefit from being in front of every balloon when it spawns, regardless of the position of your main damage dealers.

Beast Handler

Players disagree on the Beast Handler. It is mostly viewed as a very useless tower that doesn’t deal enough damage and isn’t worth it among the many great options the game offers. In my opinion this needs to corrected as the beast handler quite definitely packs a punch with its possibility to combine many separate towers. Take look at our detailed run down for more information.

Tack Shooter

Veterans claim the Tack Shooter is the most underrated tower in Bloons TD 6. It my not sink giant MOAB class blimps or deal huge damage but in the right position it offers a cheap option to get rid of many smaller balloons hordes with ease. This works great in early and mid-rounds when thicker balloon waves stack. Later in the game the Tack Shooter doesn’t destroy the blimps but usually deals well with the smaller balloons they are filled with.

Monkey Buccaneer

Buccaneers are very versatile and can even become aircraft carriers that shoot planes all over the track or make money while attacking, which is an excellent early strategy for players who don’t want to use banana farms.

The Pirate Lord, the middle path tier 5 Buccaneer, can grab MOAB-class blooms without popping them, making this one of the most powerful towers in the whole game. Upgraded in the right way, this tower is also able to work without any support towers as it is able to hit any bloon type with ease.

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