Mastering Bloons TD 6: Discover The Best Tower Combinations

Bloons TD 6 is a really fun game as we already covered in our full review on it. But as the round counter goes higher it gets increasingly frustrating to fight back the ballon enemies. So should you have ballon problems, here we have 5 very useful tower combinations to get you up to high rounds in the popular tower defense game.

Place 5 – submarine with engineer


TowerPlaceUpgrade path
engineer monkeybloon entrance0-0-3
submarinewater somewhere on the map2-0-0

The combination of the submarine and engineer seem simple but proves to be incredibly useful in early rounds. In fact these two are one of the first towers I would place on a map with a pond somewhere and land directly after the entry. The submarine is being upgraded to 2-0-0 “advanced intel” as early as possible allowing it to shoot ballons in the range of other monkeys giving it with the enginner at the entrance the possibility to shoot ballons from a far distance. Apart from being affordable the engineer also has the 0-0-3 “bloon trap” as a plus meaning that it can generate bananas for you by catching bloons which proves to be very useful in the mid term game.

In the progressed game it is necessary to place a monkey capable of destroying tarn bloons such as the ninja monkey. The submarine will then also gain the ability to shoot tarn bloons in the range of the ninja.

Place 4 – spike factory with glue gunner or ice


TowerPlaceUpgrade path
spike factoryinside a circle or junction0-2-5
glue gunner, ice monkeybefore the spike factory5-2-0, 0-2-5

Combining the spike factory 0-2-5 “perma spikes” with a high upgraded glue gunner or ice monkey only makes sense when you are already in the free play mode. Although being weakend in a recent update the permaspike is still incredibly powerful and together with a tower that slows the bloons down it makes for a great line of last defense where the glue gunner or ice monkey gives the spike factory enough time to produce new spikes.

Place 3 – Tack shooter with ice monkey


TowerPlaceUpgrade path
Tack shooterin a curve or junction2-0-5
ice monkeyas close as possible to the tack shooter0-2-5

This is a decent combination in the late game when it comes to efficiency. It works similar to the next one with the bomb shooter: The Ice monkey freezes and damages the big bloons and holds all the other ones in firing range of the tack shooter which then destroys the masses. Simple and effectiv!

Place 2 – bomb shooter, ice monkey and village


TowerPlaceUpgrade path
bomb shootersomewhere with as much as possible attack way0-2-5
ice monkeyas close as possible to the bomb shooter0-2-5
villagenear the two towers so that both are in the radius2-2-0

The bomb shooter 0-2-5 upgrade path to “recursive clusters” is in itself a really good way to deal with a larger amount of normal bloons. With the help of the ice monkey upgraded to 0-2-5 (who deals a respectable amount of damage to bloons of the MOAB class) this is a great combination which covers a large spectrum of bloons. The village with the 0-2-0 upgrade to “radar scanner” even allows the duo to take on tarn bloons making this combination effective against nearly all bloons.

Place 1 – super monkey, alchemist, village


TowerPlaceUpgrade path
supermonkeyanywhere you like, junctions are good5-2-0
alchemistnear the supermonkey0-2-5
villageso that it covers both the towers2-2-0

Now we get to the really really late game combinations. When going for a maximum amount of rounds attempt it is crucial to have these super powerful combinations. The important tower in this configuration is the alchemist leveled to 0-2-5 “masteralchemist” which allows it to turn almost any bloon (even MOAB) into a red bloon. The supermonkey is leveled to true sun god 5-2-0 which will then finish the rest. The mokey village is just there to give the super monkey the ability to destroy tarn bloons aswell as boosting the attack speed ot both the towers through the jungle drums.


Although BTD6 can get really tough on the higher rounds it is easily doable with the right tower combinations we showed you here. If you have any other well working combinations please leave them down in the comments.

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