The Best Towers For Bloons TD 6 Boss Fights!

Bloons Tower Defense 6 boss fights are some of the most fun things to do. Bloonarius and Lych, two huge MOABs, and their unique abilities make each round, especially in elite mode, a new challenge that gets harder as the rounds go up.

Choosing suitable towers is essential. Every monkey dollar counts when the boss is close. Deciding which tower to upgrade can be challenging because the game has so many. Luckily, this guide has everything you need to learn to beat bosses and get those Lych and Bloonarius medals.

Sniper Monkey – Elite Defender

In the early stages of the Bloonarius fight, controlling the crowd rushes of bloons is very important. In later levels, the towers you use to damage Bloonarius can also take care of his spawns. However, in the early levels, choosing the least expensive way to deal with the grouped bloons is essential. Your best bet is to use the elite defender (0-2-5), which eliminates many low-level bloons. Add an elite sniper (0-5-2) to it to make it stronger; even better, you can use it to make money.

Bomb Shooter – Recursive Clusters

Even though Elite Defender is an excellent way to deal with Bloonarius’ spam, recursive clusters might be an even better choice. A 2-0-4 or 0-2-4 bomb shooter will do a great job of controlling crowds for just a few thousand monkey dollars.

You only need three or four of these great towers to clear the first tier of elite Bloonarius, so remember them. In general it does help massively if you often use the recursive cluster bomb-shooter because it is one of the cheapest ways to deal with groups of balloons in the game.

Ninja Monkey – Sticky Bomb

It would help if you thought about how to hurt the bosses once the towers are in place to kill any possible spawns. Lych also spawns high-HP MOABs, so how you deal with his spawns will depend on how much damage you do to the boss.

The 1-0-4 ninja monkey is one of the best deals for tier one. Since four of these are pretty cheap and can beat even elite Bloonarius at tier one, it’s a great way to save money and still win in the first round.

Ice Monkey – Super Brittle

One important thing to remember when fighting bosses, especially in the higher levels of the elite, is to back up your damage dealers. Bloons is more than just throwing darts at balloons, even though that’s what the game is mostly about ;). With Lych you can’t use average support like alchemists because he’ll take the benefits your towers get from them.

You cannot strengthen your towers, but you can weaken the boss. When an ice monkey Super Brittle (5-2-0) is placed correctly, everything in its range takes more damage from all directions. This can weaken the boss and give your towers a significant advantage. You can think of this as an additional support for higher rounds.

Sniper Monkey – Cripple Moab

Because it can be used anywhere in the world, cripple MOAB (5-0-2) is another sniper monkey that works well as a supporting tower. Set it to “strongest” and give it the “Even Faster Firing” crosspath. It will keep going after the boss.

Cripple MOAB does damage and makes the targeted MOAB-class balloon take extra damage from all directions, making it like a whole map super brittle. When the above cross path is used, this debuff will last all the time, so cripple MOAB is a must for higher boss levels.

Druid – Avatar Of Wrath And Poplusts

You need to do much damage for tiers two and three as quickly as possible to win. You can’t use sticky bombs alone, especially in elite, so you must find other ways to deal damage that won’t cost too much. The avatar or wrath (0-2-5) is one of the best choices. Poplust (0-2-4) and its upgrade, the Avatar of Wrath, help each other when they’re close. This means an avatar surrounded by five populists can attack quickly and damage the boss heavily while it’s in range.

Dartling Gunner – M.A.D.

For both regular and elite bosses on Tier 2, the dartling gunner M.A.D (2-5-0), or MOAB Assured Destroyer, is the best weapon. You’ll need to use your mouse to follow the boss to keep the M.A.D. on target, but it does so much damage that no other tower can keep up.

On Elite, if you can’t afford a paragon by tier three, an M.A.D. with an avatar or rage setup is a good choice, so it can still be used differently. The M.A.D. is very cheap for its usefulness, so you have to have it when you fight bosses.

Super Monkey – Vengeful True Sun God

The most potent average tower in the game is the vengeful true sun god, or VTSG for short. It’s clear that it helps with boss fights, and if you’ve ever watched Bloon gameplay, you’ve probably seen it in action. But making one costs money and takes some planning, so if you make one, use the time between boss rounds wisely.

Start with an average super monkey and turn it into a sun avatar. Put 50,000 monkey dollars worth of towers from three of the four categories inside the avatar’s range, then boost it to a sun temple. Now, build 50k worth of towers from all four categories inside its radius. Get a legend of the night and an anti-balloon outside its radius outside its radius, and then level up to a true sun god. The other tier-five super monkeys will have an extra sacrifice animation, and you’ll have a VTSG.

Extra tips:

Paragons – Dart Monkey, Boomerang Monkey, Ninja Monkey, and Monkey Buccaneer

You can make a pinnacle for a very high cost when all three of a tower’s tier fives are on the map. Paragons are particular tier six upgrades. The higher the degree of a ninja paragon, the more value you put into that tower on the map and the more ninja monkeys you upgraded in those towers. The higher the total pops between those towers, the higher the degree of the ninja paragon.

Paragons already do crazy amounts of damage and do even more damage to bosses and elite bosses, so they should be used. The buccaneer paragon, navarch of the seas, is an excellent choice for water maps because you can farm merchantmen to make money, and the people you farm for money also work as great sacrifices for a while.

Banana Farms

These towers all cost a lot of money. If you want to afford them, you must start building and improving banana farms as soon as the game begins. While the 4-2-0 banana research facility makes the most money, other strategies can work. For example, central markets work well using any of the above boat farming strategies. You can turn your farms into a monkeyopolis with a village, making you even more money. You must use your farms, no matter your choice, because they are necessary for bosses.

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