Underrated but powerful BTD6 towers you should know

Following our last selection of great BTD6 towers, here are another bunch of actually good but underrated towers and upgrade paths in the popular tower defense game Bloons TD 6. Many people underestimate these but with the right tactic they can be an integral part of the defense.

Spike Factory

To avoid a disaster, build a Spike Factory near the exit. Any balloon camouflaged, lead, or otherwise will fail over spikes with the right upgrade. Especially for new players, the “set it and forget it” nature of spike factorys is really convenient. Furthermore you can build and level this for surprisingly little money. The upper upgrade path combined with the middle one offers great all around damage (3-2-0) and for a perfect mid game last line of defense.

Monkey Ace

Complex maps are known for sending balloon waves down multiple paths. Most towers can’t cover both paths simultaneously, but a Monkey Ace in the center of the map deals with bloons everywhere. Upgrades allow the Monkey Ace to destroy camouflaged balloons and increase the fire power. Single-target towers will be needed, but the Monkey Ace is the best mid round tower for these maps as it offers whole map coverage.

And while in its standard form the ace doesn’t shoot aimed arrows meaning it is nearly useless for early rounds, in the later game when your whole screen is covered with bloons anyway it is the perfect mass damage dealer. In this case the upper upgrade path (4-0-2) is ideal.


The Alchemist boosts damage when popping Ceramic, Lead, and MOAB balloons. As a mainly support tower it most importantly buffs nearby towers strongly, making it a crucial finishing touch for most strategies. The Alchemist can make a little extra money by converting lead bloons (and later even rubber bloons) into gold (0-0-4) and placing acid pools on the tracks. Despite its support role, this tower is the cherry on top of most effective tactics on the most challenging difficulty levels as it greatly increases the popping power of your main damage dealers when upgraded to the upper path (3-0-0).

Druid Monkey

If you haven’t used the druid monkey much so far this is undoubtedly the most impressive out of this list. Starting with the third upgrade on the middle path “druid of the jungle” the tower spawns thorns that grab bloons anywhere on the track and break them down until they’re gone.

While this itself is already a powerful feature to have, the tier 5 middle path upgrade “spirit of the forest” is the reason why this tower is such a huge area damage dealer. Once upgraded the druid covers the track of the map in thorns that deal increasingly more damage the closer the track is to the tower. Furthermore the top path of the druid has the ability to push bloons back to the start of the track while Avatar of Wrath on the bottom path buffs other druids and is best used in whole groups of this tower.

Overall the druid might be one of the most versatile towers in the game while still offering a cheap start and good option for earlier rounds.

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