PC Killer? Sony’s PS5 Pro Specs Leak Hints at Mind-Blowing Power

PS5 source: Sony

With PC hardware prices reaching normal levels again after the brutal chip shortage from 2 years ago it didn’t quite make sense to buy a state of the art Sony console, namely the PS5. Even Linus Tech Tips recently showed that there is, at least for the tech savvy people, a cheaper and (depending on the use case) a more performant way: building a PC!

But as everyone knows the market does evolve quite fast in the consumer electronics world and it is absolutely no surprise that Sony is already coming up with a follow up.

When is this new console going to be released?

PS4 to PS4 Pro comparison

In regular Sony fashion the PS5 should get a follow up after 3 to 4 years. Looking back at the PS4 which was released in November 2013 and its successor, the PS4 Pro which was released in 2016, it is now time due for the PS5.

Several leaks point to a release of the Pro version in late 2024. With Sonys tradition of releases around the month November you can expect the 5 Pro to follow this pattern.

What is going to change?

Judging of leaks from Sonys developer portal the PS5 Pro is expected to offer more than triple the performance of its predecesor. In numbers this means that instead of a raw GPU power of 10,23 Teraflops the new RDNA-3-GPU should put out 18 Teraflops. The theoretical maximum of Dual Issue RDNA 3 should be even above 36 Teraflops.

This is achieved by equipping the AMD manufactured chip with more than 30 separate work group processors rather than the 18 from the PS5. Moreover it also features a slightly higher frequency of 2,35 GHz compared to 2,23 GHz.

All in all it is expected to perform 45% better than the normal PS5.

What are the benefits of the performance improvements?

Since many games rely on upscaling to run smoothly on the current console, the PS5 Pro could help further satisfy this hunger for power. In a dynamic and so rapidly changing market it is also always a good idea as a manufacturer to future proof your hardware. In the best case the power improvements will bring some games closer to rendering at 4k 60fps. There are also rumors of a special AI upscaling technology that Sony is working on to deliver an unparalleled smooth gaming experience.

Really a PC Killer?

With a beefy upgrade to its performance the question if the PS5 Pro could be a PC Killer is now only dependent on its price point. Looking at the PS5 the minimum you can expect is around 499$ or 550 Euro. We will see what Sony comes up with but if the prices stay at a PS5 level the PS5 Pro could once again retake the price to performance crown from the PC!

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