Hunting monsters in 2d darkness – First look at Disfigure

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Disfigure is a rogue-like shooter game which is played in a top-down perspective. You can choose between multiple melee and ranged weapons to survive against endless enemies. The more eliminations you have, the more perks and upgrades you can unlock for your character. Today I’ll share my opinion with you on if the game is worth a try and what you can expect.

Basic Gameplay

You start with a weapon of your choice (at the beginning just the pistol) and have to eliminate spider-like monsters. Your character is standing in the dark and can either see an area in a circle around him or a cone view in the direction the mouse cursor is facing. Every time one is defeated they drop a ball of EXP that you have to pick up in order to level up your character.

Once you level up you are able to choose one of 5 upgrades or to reroll the selection. Upgrades improve stats such as bullet speed or weapon damage but can also decrease stats like fire rate but reward you with other improvements. In addition to the upgrades you can unlock one of nine weapon perks every 10 levels.

What I enjoyed

The little tutorial right at the start of the game was enough to get started and saved time to look into the keybindings in the settings.

I really like the fact that you’re able to change both the player and the cursor color. It’s small things that bigger titles don’t allow their players to change.

The artstyle of the game really finds the small border between a simple 2d polygon style and pixelart. I really like the way the upgrade images ingame and the store page background on steam are designed.

I was able to earn the money needed to buy another weapon in a run that took me around 15 minutes. The cool things about Disfigure is that it can also be enjoyed by casual players because of the short grind time and the option to play on normal instead of hard difficulty.

What can be improved

What I missed at the beginning of the game was the epilepsy warning. Especially towards the end the visuals get to a point where there are so many bullets flying around and effects going off that you really need to concentrate to spot the player in all the chaos.

Feel free to leave your highscore in the comments if you decided to try out the game or already knew about it. Let’s see if you are able to beat mine. (Score: 635500)

Get Disfigure here

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