Designing beautiful car skins in Drift86: A step-by-step tutorial

Here you will learn how to create your own Drift86 liveries and skins and equip them. Should you be interested in high quality downloadable liveries check out our download shop here.

drifting with the XR-7C on the racetrack map

Drift86 is a racing/drift game developed by Rewind App. As the name suggest the game is about drifting. In October 2022 the developer added a livery system. This can be used to make your own car skins instead of using solid colors.

If you somehow ended up on this article and don’t know Drift86 check out our review about it.

How to change liveries and colors

When starting your game just click on singleplayer and select any map. After choosing your car either click the paintbrush to change your car color or the “exclamation mark” to change liveries.

Some cars already have some liveries to put on. To do that just click on the one you want to use and press the select button.

How to select your own liveries

If you want to use your own livery first click on the exclamation mark as above and after that on the little laptop icon on the left of the default liveries. Now navigate to the file of your choice by pasting its file-path in the little search bar in the popup window. If you don’t know how to get the file path check out the expandable section below.

How to get the file path of your livery

Open your windows file explorer (Shortcut: WIN+E) and navigate to the location your file is saved on

Right-Click on the image and select properties at the bottom at the menu

Copy the path (starting with a letter and “:\” )where the image is saved and go back into Drift86

Go inside the search bar in the popup window on the right and paste the file path there

Now click on your image and press select like before to start the race with your livery.

How to make liveries

First of all we want to give some credit to the youtuber static and this video. This made us notice the possibilities to customize our cars.

We used a similar approach as he did and created a square sized image in paint and just put random shapes to see where they end up on the car. After some time you’ll notice that the bottom part of the image is used for the texture of the hood to the spoiler and that the mirror, front- and back-bumper all can be found on the top.

This apparently isn’t always the case as we have seen custom made liveries by other users on the official Drift86 discord server which were turned by 90° to the left.

Now that you know the basics where to place your designs its basically time for trial and error. Place for example a simple square and check where it appears, move it and save the file, switch back to the game and again click on the livery to display it (Important: Do NOT click on select as this will start the race)

Some special tip

You can still apply a normal paintjob to the car after selecting a livery. This will look something a long the lines of this and can get some cool looking results. Keep in mind that this is only temporary.

Check out some liveries we made for our website

You can find these for free and many others in our shop.

XR-7C: Purple Stars

XR-7: LP Full Carbon

SuprXX: Purple lightning

TG68: Chrome Fire

Imprezo – Blue Comet

Thanks for reading! If you have any suggestions or questions feel free to leave them in the comments. We are always happy to help. You can also submit you own skins at so we will upload them here for everyone to see and will credit the designer.

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