How to enhance your racing setup – TH8A 3D printed shifter plate

TH8A sifter source: Thrustmaster

While playing around with the different available car configurations in your favorite racing game like Forza Horizon you will probably reach the point of wanting a bit more realism. Especially if you are equipping Drifting or Offroading gear boxes. A popular and easy way of addressing this issue is the change of your sim shifter plate against one with the right amount of gears that matches your configuration in the game.

Hyped by this easy sounding option you will then soon be disappointed as you go online to find that these alternative plates cost you a fortune.

A few weeks ago we ourselves where standing at the same dilemma situation which is why we came up with the idea of designing our own shifter plates! Our version is designed to be printed with a 3D printer to allow for individual customizability and a cheap and easy production. The parts are designed to fit perfectly to the popular Thrustmaster TH8A shifter. To install them you simply remove the four screws of the original plate and swap it for your fresh new one.

Get yours here!

No 3D printer? No Problem!

Should you not have a 3D printer at home do not fear, we also got you covered!

Please write us a short Email to and we will try to send the printed parts for 5$ + shipping to your location.

Not your desired plate? Also no problem!

If you have a request for a plate with a special gear arrangement just write us a email to and we will try to add it to our range.

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