Slowmotion fun: First Look at Trepang2

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Trepang 2 is a single player ego shooter developed by Trepang Studios and published by Team17. The game was released about a week ago after the start of development in 2017 and today I’m sharing my first impressions from the demo version with you. The game’s story is described as “A mysterious group breaks you out from a heavily guarded black site. Your memories are gone but your combat abilities have been enhanced far beyond human limits. It’s time to fight back.”

You’re playing as a former prisoner that got rescued by some unknown group and you have to keep yourself hidden inside the prison and eliminate the guards. Either go stealth mode, crouching in the shadows and using your cloaking ability to hide from enemies or go full attack mode, slaughter enemies with brutal melee animations and unload whole magazines of various guns that can be found scattered around the environment. There is also a super fun ability that lets you slow down time which helps getting towards enemies without getting shot and lining up the perfects headshot combo. You can also slide and jump under and over obstacles.

Another important thing to mention is that there are multiple difficulty settings so the game can be as beginner friendly as you want it to be.

Throughout my adventure in the prison I found firearms reaching from pistols over SMGs to shotguns. Each weapon requires a different playstyle. My favorite one is to slow down time and slowly eliminate all targets without getting seen.

And if that isn’t enough of a reason to try the demo, the graphics are also amazing. The lighting effects are really on point and the environment feels very realistic. Even to the point where you flinch when you see something unusual in the game. The environment is designed in a way so you know where to move and it still leaves space for a unusual approach to a fighting situation. Sometimes you have to crawl through vents which reminded me a lot of the classic Half life approach. There are also fire extinguishers around the map that can be exploded when shooting at them. But watch out: if you don’t hold your distance you’ll meet your makers and have to respawn at the nearest checkpoint.

The sound design is also top notch, especially during the intro cutscene. The gaming experience is also really reinforced by the music that helps to convey the tension. You can basically hear when something is about to happen. This really drags you into the game. Enjoy some impressions here:

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